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    It’s important to know the health of your business and how to achieve your goals.  We offer the latest in practice management reporting and have streamlined our client’s accounting systems.  With these enhancements you always know the pulse of your practice.


    At H+P, we realize that being a successful dentist requires a hands-on, year-round commitment from your dental financial expert.  We invest in our clients and take a vested interest in always providing the right solutions for our client’s needs at the right time.  Proactive tax planning, guidance, consulting in real-time and much more are critical to an effective and profitable practice.


    Retirement planning is important for you and your staff.  As a dentist you’re already facing student loan debt, a higher tax bracket, insurance costs, equipment and technology fees, as well as a host of expenses associated with owning your own practice.  For you, having a trusted partner who KNOWS dentistry is vital.


    Tax planning doesn’t start toward year-end.  Tax planning is an all year endeavor.  We provide a customized plan for your practice, personalized just for you.  We offer advice and insight as rules change and as better and more cost-effective strategies and solutions become available.


    Payroll is a necessary part of owning your own company.  You have employees.  Those employees need to get paid.  However, calculating payroll taxes,, avoiding tax penalties and issues, even calculating retirement or insurance premiums can all be a complex mess.  Why not let us take care of that for you?


    Your practice will be a culmination of your blood, sweat & tears.  Having an accurate practice valuation is an important step in protecting your best interests.  Valuations aren’t just needed when you buy and sell, it’s important to keep an on-going reporting of the value of your practice for a variety of reasons. 


    Our process of maximizing your profits takes effect literally by your next deposit. There is no long consultative process or recommendations report that will sit on your shelf. We simply implement a few changes in your cash management and you are increasing your profitability from day one.  HP Advisors is one of fewer than 100 firms globally that are Certified in Profit First.  This means we not only have direct experience guiding clients to higher profits, but that we have access to the other accountants, bookkeepers and Profit First experts who collectively addressed every type of profit challenge..

    Tons of reports and no understanding of how to effectively use the data for intentional planning?  What metrics should you be looking at?  That’s where we come in!  We’ll teach you how to read and interpret your complex practice data and ensure your practice and profits continue to thrive.  Business, financial, tax planning, fee analysis, even marketing and web/graphic design consulting are all available at H+P.  We’re here to help you succeed from dental school to retirement.